An Author, Motivational Speaker, Publisher- A Tea Seller

Profile of Artist:

Laxman Rao is a tea-seller with a difference. A loyal clientele throngs his small roadside stall. They come not only for the brew, but also a taste of his words.

Laxman Rao struggle started way back in 1975 when he landed in Delhi with an aim to become a successful Author. He took Rs. 40 from his father and left his hometown (Talegaon Dashasar village in Amravati district in Maharashtra)

He approached a number of publishers to publish his books in early days of his struggle in Delhi, but they all refused to publish his books for some reason or the other. He established his own publication house ‘Bhartiya Sahitya Kala Prakashan’ and published his first novel ‘Nayi Duniya Ki Nayi Kahani’ in 1979.

Mr Rao, is an award-winning author of 25 published books, which are based on real-life stories of his customers and other people around. Every day, Mr Rao cycles to ITO with his tea things , he says he doesn't use an auto because the more he saves, the more he can publish. Till 9 in the evening, he sells tea. And then he writes till 1 am.

Contact Detail:
Address: Vishnu digamber marg, New Delhi -110002
Phone No: 999 066 6043
Whats app No: 921 041 5574
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