Kishan Behrupiya – Traditional Behrupiya

Profile of Artist:

Kishan Behrupiya’s ancestors were among the traditional community of Behrupiya. They were the local artist who changed their costume, make up depending on the character while performing their interactive art form. Kishan Behrupiya’s father Sarvan Behrupiya was from Punjab, later he along with his family shifted to Delhi in search of work. Kishan has 3 brothers and 6 sisters; they all are engaged in entertaining others through their performance.

Kishan Behrupiya has extensively travelled worldwide. He has participated in various Cultural Festivals at Berlin, Barcelona, Dubai, Mauritius, Italy Washington, Russia, New York and other European cities also. Normally Kishan has entertained his audience in disguise of Lord Ram, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman or many other characters. Simultaneously he can play musical instruments like Been, Thumba and Khartal.

Though he is more popular in form of Black Monkey and has won the hearts of several audiences in Berlin Festival. Though he is uneducated but still can speak in French and Spanish. According to Kishan he says his main aim is to make others laugh and spread joy through his ancient art form.He has worked in Entertainment park like “Kingdom of Dreams” for 6 years in Gurgaon. Nationally Kishan has participated in Cultural festivals in Udaipur, Ahmedabad and at New Delhi. Kishan Behrupiya is a multitalented artist who is in working on one of the oldest interactive art form of India in this modern age.

Contact Detail:
Address: Subhash Nagar – New Delhi
Phone No: 958 239 0786
whatsapp No: 958 239 0786
Youtube link: