Kaluram Bamniya- Famous Folk Singer (Kabir Bhajan)

Profile of Artist:

Kaluram Bamniya is a folk singer from Dewas, who mainly sings Kabir bhajans, Mirabai bhajans and Gorakhnath also in his local language namely in Malwi dialect.

Kaluram Bamniya have performed various bajans in All India Radio and also in Doodarshan. He has been performing in most of the cultural and literature festivals around India. He has composed music in the movie Kalichaat as a music director. He has participated in ThirdGorakhpur Film Festival in the year 2008. Other participation of Kaluram include – Pachmarhi Utsav, Beat of India, Central Zone workshop.(M.P. Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh)

The songs and Bhajans sung by Kaluram reveal the philosophy of life for instance his song by Kabir 'Govindo Gaayo Nahin'seems to urge us to take stock of our lives and reflect on what we’ve truly earned in all this time spent on earth, if we haven’t sung the name of Govind, if we haven’t cultivated mindfulness. What is our real earning? What is our real wealth?

Contact Detail:
Address: Pardeshipura, Tonkkhurd, District – Dewas (M.P.)
Phone No: 982 640 0632
whatsapp No: 982 640 0632
Email: bairagkabir.bamniya@gmail.com
YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GItXr-Z8UhQ