Ishamudin - Traditional Magician of India

Profile of Artist:

Ishamudin is the pride of India in the world of magicians. He is a revivalist of Traditional magic of India. He is a man of remarkable talents.

Back in 1995, this traditional Indian magician or madari, completed the first successful outdoor performance of a trick that had been whispered about for centuries but that no one before had mastered.

Ishamuddin managed a convincing rendition of the legendary Indian rope trick, it made headlines around the world that ought to have secured his place in the history of magic and won him lasting recognition at home.

He has been performing around the globe, France, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Japan

He has brought back some of the lost secrets of Indian traditional magic.

This is like a performance of the courtyards of the Indian Kings; This show will have amazing magic tricks starting with a small magic stick which is a leg of a chair actually, in Indian traditional magic they do not use tricks which magicians buy from magic dealers, they make all the tricks by the hands magician himself, that is the family tradition, so mainly the tricks are COIN TRICK, IRON BALL FROM MOUTH, FOLDING PAPER, RICE KRISPIES, THORN FROM MOUTH, MANY MORE, Ishamudin does very good interaction and participation with audience during the show.

Contact Detail:
Address: House number 442, Block B-1, Transit camp, near Anand Parbat police station, Delhi 110005, India
Phone No: 981 1730 682
whatsapp No: 981 1730 682
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