Vivek Montrose – First Indian Boomerang Thrower & Designer

Profile of Artist:

Vivek Montrose has an unusual hobby, he's a boomerang thrower and now a designer also. And like the object of his passion, it keeps coming back to him. Vivek has been appointed as the member of the International Federation of Boomerang Associations (IFBA), Germany. He is the Founder President of IBA, the INDO-Boomerang Association.

Boomerang is a unique tool that comes back to the thrower. Traditionally it was made of wood now being a sport tool it’s made of PVC material and Foam.

Today Vivek Montrose is popular by the title being fondly given by the Gond community as ‘Jeans wala Mowgli’

Vivek, with the Blessings of his Guru- Ken Colbung (Australia) became the first Indian to represent the nation at the 50th Anniversary of the Boomerang Association of Australia and its National Boomerang championship, held in Perth, Australia in April 2019.

This all began when Vivek received his first Boomerang as a gift when he was only eight years old, from his Guru Ken Colbung, and learnt the sport at the age of 15, in 1991, and became the first Indian to learn to not just throw but even carve a Boomerang.

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