Geeta Parag & Lila Parag- Traditional Kabir Bhajan Singer

Profile of Artist:

Geeta and Lila Parag are a unique pair of daughter in law and mother in law that sing together the Kabir bhajans and folk songs in their melodious voice.(The Saas Bahu lokgeet Jodi). Geeta Parag is a passionate singer who began singing in Malva region in her typical Malvi Style being inspired by her mother in law. She hails from a rural region of Madya Pradesh where ladies are not allowed to sing outside on stage in front of others.

Inspite of all hurdles Geeta Parag insisted in singing in front of others. It was not easy to go against her family but her determination and constant effort helped to change the mind set of her family members.

Finally when her family realised that her talent was recognised and appreciated by audience then they accepted her challenge. Now the whole Parag family not only supports Geeta and Lila Parag to sing together but the whole family accompanies her in performances.

The musical journey of Geeta And Lila Parag continues by spreading the message of Kabir of peace and harmony through their Kabir Bhajans in Malvi folk style.

Contact Detail:
Address: BisalKheri,Tehsil TonkKhurd, District- Devas, Madya Pradesh
Phone No: 966 935 9081, 951 639 8604
whatsapp No: 744 099 1322
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