Gafruddin Mewati Jogi – International Folk Artist/Bhapang Player

Profile of Artist:

Shri Gafruddin Mewati Jogi is a renowned folk artist, Bhapang player and performer of Pandun ka kada. He is a deeply spirited performer, like his bhapang, Gafruddin’s music sounds simple, but the layers unravel as his boundless voice explodes across the bare-cement walls of his house. He has performed in many cultural festivals in various countries.

The culture of Mewati Jogi has been a blend of Hindu and Muslim practices. Apart from the Mahabharata, their songs retell stories about Shiva and other Hindu devas, and for several centuries.

He began singing Pandun ka kada with his father, Shri Buddha Singh Jogi, at the age of seven. Gafruddin ji has been performing Pandun ka kada for more than 60 years now and is currently the only person alive who knows all 2,500 and more couplets of Pandun ka kada. He hopes to hand the torch of his popularity to his son at some point.

Contact Detail:
Address: VPO Khatiwara, Via Sikri (Bharatpur) Pin 321024 Rajasthan India
Phone No: 941 414 7606
whatsapp No: 982 956 7606
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