Profile of Artist:

Prince Chand belongs to Bareilly but is not restricted to any boundaries. In spite of being a Muslim, he chose Radha Krishna, Mother Teresa and Guru Nanak Dev ji for his paintings and hence proved that artists are universal and cannot be bound in any boundaries. Artist Prince Chand blessed with heavenly creativity.

Prince Chand says, “In 2007, I had a dream in which I saw Lord Buddha standing on a river with a light passing through him. The light denoted enlightenment and this is precisely what I try to showcase in my paintings”.

To give authenticity to his works on Lord Buddha, Prince Chand travelled to the Ajanta-Ellora caves to carefully observe and interpret works on Buddhist religious art.

In his work Prince Chand follows the logic of Indian aesthetic (Rasa, bhava, symmetry, ornamentation, philosophical text) as well as the Indic image making techniques. His works are thus a convincing continuation of the foregoing vigorous art forms. After an intuitive as well as intellective grasping of the high points of temple art styles as of rock or cave art patterns, he has sought to transform them into contemporary or modern forms.

In this way he has utilized ancient motifs in fresh contemporary incarnation.

According to Prince Chand initially he only sees the white canvas, once the painting is completed he himself is surprised to see the result, there is some supreme power that shows him the direction while he is painting.

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Address: 129, DDA SFS flats sector 1, pocket 1 Dwarka New Delhi110075
Phone No: 9350889447
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