Chandrika Prasad Dewangan- Traditional Weaver Of Kosa Silk Sarees

Profile of Artist:

Chandrika Prasad Dewangan was born in a weaver’s family in a small village of Chattisgarh. The region of Chattisgarh is famous for traditional Tussar Silk Sarees worldwide because of its special pure and soft texture and sturdiness. Kosa is derived from Sanskrit word meaning traditional/desi Tussar.

Chandrika Prasad learned the skill of traditional weaving from his father at very young age. He proudly says that his father Late Shankar Prasad Dewangan who was his Guru also was the first person who weaved a designer Tussar silk saree in his region.

Chandrika Prasad like his father started creating new design and was honoured by National Award for his special work on Kosa Silk sarees. He has trained many local weavers and generated employment for them. Chandrika Prasad has attained expertise in traditional Kosa Pichori Vastra. He and all his brothers are carrying the legacy of their father and grandfather.

Contact Detail:
Address: Govardhanpur Road, Boirdadar, Raigargh, Chattisgarh - 496001
Phone No: 975 530 5656
whatsapp No: 975 530 5656