Bhagwan Das Bhat- Traditional Puppet Maker, Drama Artist, Qawali & Sufi Singer

Profile of Artist:

Bhagwan Das Bhat is an established folk artist , he is a versatile artist who can sing in different genre of songs like folk, qawali, sufi and on social issues. He has song in various regional languages.

He is an internationally acclaimed artist who has worked for the country to glorify the nation’s name abroad. He is one of rare puppet performer who creates its own puppet, there after writes, sings and performs for the puppet show.

In spite of so much of effort he is very upset and sad these days. He says I have received respect and affection in other countries but in my own country he along with many other artists has been thrown into a Transit Camp.

Contact Detail:
Address: 1522 – Anand Parvat, Transit camp, Delhi
Phone No: 886 036 0661
whatsapp No: 886 036 0661