Baldev M. Rathod– Tangaliya Handloom( 700 Years Old Art)

Profile of Artist:

Baldevbhai Rathod is from a traditional family of weavers of Dangasia community.He is a National Award winner and is a flag bearer of giving Tangaliya a new life post which was at verge of declining. Baldevbhai along with his father Mohanbhai have preserved this traditional style of weaving and it is a single family in its true essence in the small village of Dedadara of Surendranagar.

Tangaliya is a 700 years textile tradition stemming from the sandyTerrains of Gujarat. Tangaliya meaning (tang - leg and liya – for) was a traditional lower garment of cattle herder community.

Today BaldevBhai has revived the unique style of Tangaliya Handloom and weaves beautiful sarees, dupatta, kotties and dress material on cotton and woollen cloth which is in great demand everywhere.

Contact Detail:
Address: Dedadra, Ta, Wadhwan, District - Surendranagar, Gujarat
Phone No: 987 999 4632, 989 817 4036
whatsapp No: 987 999 4632
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