Arab Hasam Khatri- Traditional Rogan Artist From Kutch

Profile of Artist:

Arab Hasam Khatri devoted his life to keep alive the precious and rare Rogan Art. He has mastered the traditional Rogan Art through years of hard work and excelled in the skills there by also creating livelihood opportunities in a remote village of Kutch.

Initially he was working with local traders, now he makes remarkably fine Rogan art pieces. He has evolved the traditional craft skills to new designs and forms. Simultaneously created new products with applications and took the Rogan art to new heights.

The tree of life made by him and his family members are donated to international dignitaries like Barak Obama.

Thanks to his continuous efforts his 8 family members are practicing this craft. Mahmad Jabbar Arab Khatri son of Arab Hasam Khatri is proud to join his father in keeping alive the 350 years old art .The Rogan art is now not only a brand identity of his family but the entire Nirona village of Kutch.

The intricate process of Rogan Painting on fabric creates a colourful embossed effect on fabric.

Contact Detail:
Address: 90, Khatri Vaas near BOI ATM Nirona, Nakhatrana Kutch, Gujarat Pin – 370001 India
Phone No: 966 255 0599
whatsapp No: 966 255 0599
Email Id: