Anita Jain- Established Devotional Singer

Profile of Artist:

Anita Jain is a popular internationally acclaimed singer, she has performed on Radio in New Orleans and later gave a very successful performance at East-West Centre of University of Hawaii at Honolulu, USA. In 1991 she visited the United States of America to perform at JAINA Convention held at University of Stanford, San Francisco leaving the audience spell bound.

Anita was drawn to music at tender age under the inspiring guidance of her first Guru her mother Shanti Devi . She has been trained in classical music by renowned Gurus- Pandit Amarnath ji of Indore Gharana and Pandit Sitaram ji of Kirana Gharana. She is fortunate to practise music under well composers like Shri Ram Saran Dassji and Shri Mohinder Sarinji. She has recorded several cassettes of devotional songs and bhajans which are popular among her listeners.

She has imbibed the rich cultural heritage of Manipur as she was born in Manipur. Anita did her Graduation in English literature from Guwahati University. She has successfully completed her 5 years Visharad from Bhatkhande Vidyapeeth Lucknow and later did her masters in Classical Music.

All the audiences worldwide enjoy her singing inher mellifluent voice. She has been honoured by the Brahmi Sundari Alankar Award at Kundalpur. In Madhya Pradesh. The musical journey continues as she sings at various prestigious function.

Contact Detail:
Address: C2/106 Sushantlok 1, Gurugram- 122009
Phone No: 935 048 2250
whatsapp No: 935 048 2250