Anandaram Bhobaria- Oldest Tradional Durry/ Rugs Weaver

Profile of Artist:

Anandaram Bhobaria was born and brought up in a traditional family of weavers in a village of Jodhpur. Initially his father (Shri Suja Ram) used to spin and weave Camel and Goat hair cut shuttle durry which is called as “Ganda”.

Later they made a colourful cotton durry that became quite popular among buyers and interior designers. Anandaram and his father started using other fibres like jute and wool while weaving these Durries. The beautiful geometric pattern and beautiful pastel colours gave a new look to the traditional durry and rugs.

Anandaram’s family is the oldest weaver’s family in Rajasthan who are one of the authentic reputed manufactures and exporters of Durries. He has been honoured by the prestigious National Award .

Contact Detail:
Name: Anandaram Bhobaria
Address: Plot no – 7, Maharshi Gautam Nagar, Opp.Sushant lok, Bhakrasani, P.O. Kuri, Pali Road, Jodhpur – 342005. Rajasthan
Phone No: 992 898 1105
whatsapp No: 992 898 1105
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