Traditional Artist of Madhubani painting- Pankaj Kumar Jha

Profile of Artist:

Pankaj kumar Jha and his wife Babita are traditional madhubani artists.Madhubani paintings is one the famous Indian art forms.Pankaj is practising this art form since he was a child, he learnt this art from his mother while painting on walls of his house at time of auspicious occasion.Madhubani art is also called as Mithila painting as its practised in Mithila region of Bihar. Instead of contemporary brushes Pankaj uses his finger, objects like twigs or matchsticks to create paintings.He uses the colour derived from plants and natural resources to draw complex geometrical patterns that depict the stories from Ramayan,Radha Krishna and also represent ritual content,festivals and religious rituals of Bihar.

Contact Detail:
Name: Pankaj Kumar Jha & Babita Jha
Address: Address-1: Village satghara simri (Navtole)
Check Post Thana RajNagar,
District- Madhubani, Bihar- 847235
Address-2: KH.No: 98/24 West Kamal Vihar,
near pump house, Burari Delhi 110084
Phone No: 931 056 8531
Whats app No: 931 056 8531
Email ID: