Profile of Artist:

Firoz Behrupiya is an entertainer who manages to amuse theatre junkies with his classic act. Firoz has inherited this art from his father (Subhrati) Shivraj Behrupiya and started assisting his father at the age of 10. Initially he travelled with his father in various villages and performed with him in the street festival.

Firoz have participated in many cultural festivals in India as well as in abroad. According to him, he says, “we drew inspiration from the world’s greatest epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, to bring out their contrasts and similarities,” in our performances in different getup.

Talented performer Firoz Behrupiya is going through tough time as this art is gradually vanishing.

Contact Detail:
Address: Ward NO: 13, Patel Nagar, Baandimui, Tehsil Baswa, Zila Dausa,Pin 303313 Rajasthan
Phone No: 9782819268
Whats app No: 9782819268
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