Profile of Artist:

Smt Munni Kumari Meenu is fortunate to be born in a family of traditional artisans of famous craft village “Jitwarpur” in the Madhubani district of North Bihar, India. She learned this art technique when she was a child from her mother Chandrakala Devi, one of the pioneer artist of Mithila painting and also a recipient of National Handicraft Award. Munni Kumari Meenu assisted her mother in the exhibition of Mithila painting in London (1982) and in USA (1985).

Munni Kumari Meenu was recognized as an artist of Madhubani painting by the GOI of DCH in 1983.She has evolved as an artisan and developed her own style on hand made paper and combination of organic colors used in Madhubani painting.

Munni Kumari Meenu has established this notable art form and has kept this ancestral art alive through her beautiful paintings and by propagating the artistic instinct among children.

Contact Detail:
Name: Smt. Munni Kumari Meenu
Address: G-7,P/No:242, Garden Avenue, Sector 21, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
Phone No: 8789667937
Whats app No: 8789667937
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