Profile of Artist:

Growing up with art and a father who painted after returning from a demanding day job, Babulal was drawn to colours and painting whenever he got the chance. After forcing himself through school till 10th grade, Babulal devoted himself to painting full time. His guide was his father, and later a Padmashree recipient, Kripal Singh Shekhawat. His career started with a stint at Nawalgarh House (1980-87). Here, artists learned by copying dozens of miniature paintings on display, a practice that provided them exposure to several styles of painting. Babulal’s training resulted in a vibrant repertoire of miniature paintings, and an expansion of his creative vocabulary.

A French lady, who he doesn’t name, noticed his fine work, bought a few paintings, and facilitated his first exhibition in Paris in 1984. Less-than-impressive sales numbers and mounting losses forced Babulal to quit painting. Hard times resulted in resorting to extreme measures: at one point he had to sell coal in his retired father’s shop. This artist also ran a tea shop for two years after his coal stint.

His creative impulses spurred him to resume painting in his free time. Soon, the tide turned. He has 48 years of experience in the field of Miniature Painting Art. He has received several awards in Miniature painting field, and also received various certificate of a dignified person in India and abroad.

He earned the UNESCO award in 2004 and was most recently awarded the Shilp Guru in 2016 for a painting in Jaipur style of Shiv Parivar: a depiction of a family of Hindu deities, with the destroyer god Shiva, his consort Parvati, and children, Kartikeya and Ganesh.

Contact Detail:
Address: 1649, Opp Anand Chamber, Near Indira Bazar, Baba Harish Chandra Marg, Jaipur-302001. Rajasthan India
Phone No: 0141-2321804
Whats app No: 9829061804