Profile of Artist:

Harpal Nath comes from the family of sapera. The Jogi-Nath snake charmers are one such community. Spread across tiny village hamlets in five states of northern India, the community today is at a crossroads. In 1972, the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act was introduced in an effort to protect India's fast depleting wildlife.

The Jogi-Nath community has responded in its own way to changing times.While some have adapted well by turning to new livelihoods. Some of the new livelihoods they have taken up are close to their culture and traditional skills. Harpal Nath is among them who has adapted to Traditional music.A been party usually consists of a musical band of seven snake charmers, with each person playing a specific musical instrument. The “been party” is popular not just in rural, but also in urban areas, and people come from far to make bookings for the sapera to play at weddings and social functions. The phenomenon of the been party is quite recent and according to the community has become more popular only in the last 20-30 years. Even Harpal Nath along with his “Been Party” has been performing stages shows in various Cultural program and Festival.His traditional sapera folk music is rhythmic and thrilling that attracts all audience irrespective of their language.

Contact Detail:
Group Name: Sapera Been Jogi Party
Address: Village Wazirpur Titana, District Panipat-132145
Phone No: 9466095998, 9896712970
Whats app No: 9466095998
Email Id: