Profile of Artist:

Dynamism, charisma and outstanding talent make Guru Smt.Aruna Mohanty one of the finest Dancers in the field of Odissi Dance.

Initiated into dance at an early age by Guru Srinath Rout & Guru Govind Charan Pal, Aruna was further tendered carefully and nurtured in her dance by eminent Guru Shri Gangadhar Pradhan.

Aruna has considered dance to be the essence of her soul. Moulded by the sculptured manifestations of this form of dance, her grooming has culminated in graceful movements, beautiful postures, captivating expression and scintillating style which creates a visual phenomenon. She combines extensive research, lessons from her Guru, and innovative thinking to produce scintillating choreography.

She has travelled all over the globe to present solo and group presentations in addition to workshops and lecture demonstrations.

Recipient of the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for the year -2010. Aruna received rave reviews for her role in the National Award winning Film “Sri KrishnaRasa Leela”, the first full length musical ballet based movie on Odissi dance.She and her institute ODA, has been organizing the Dhauli –Kalinga Mahotsav for last 14 years at the heritage site of Dhauli Shanti Stupa.

Contact Detail:
Address: Orissa Dance Academy, Qr. No. 4R-8, Unit – 8 Bhubaneswar -12 ORISSA,INDIA
Phone No: 9437005551, Pramod Rout-9437306211
Whats app No: 9437005551
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