Profile of Artist:

It is actually Mithila painting, though popularly known as Madhubani. Carrying on an artistic tradition passed down from mother to daughter, Smt. Leela Devi herself learned the craft Of Madhubani painting from her mother. Women would not be allowed to venture out of homes. So, once they finished their household chores, they would paint the mud walls of homes for family functions and festivities. This was how houses were decked up then. These paintings are also known for their simplicity, for the brush and colors used are often derived from natural sources. While the paintings are largely made using powdered rice, colors derived from turmeric, pollen, pigments, indigo, various flowers, sandalwood, and leaves of various plants and trees.The family of Leea Devi is a traditional family where her daughters, son everyone in involved in Mithila painting. Smt Leela have attained national and international recognition because of her distinct art form.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village & PO Rasidpur,Via –Kaluahi, District Madhubani- Pin-847229, Bihar India
Phone No: 9771103157
Whats app No: 7562880432 (Aditya Kumar)