India's First and Only Female Shehnai Player

Profile of Artist:

Bageshwari is India's only woman shehnai player, who has performed in India as well as in other foreign countries and still performs live at festivals and cultural events. Only at the age of six she walked up to her father Jagdish Prakash and pleaded with him if he could teach her to play the melodious instrument, he said "this is not for girls." Bageshwari's persistent nature and her passion for the instrument convinced her father who himself is a President's Award Winner to teach shehnai along with other students. Later she received formal training from Ustad Bismillah Khan- shehnai maestro and India's most beloved musicians. She also got the opportunity to play duet with him.

Contact Detail:
Name: Bageshwari Qamar
Address: 1872 Chandra Kutir, near Sadar Thana,
Delhi 110006
Phone No: 931 022 6088
Whats app No: 931 022 6088
Email ID: