Profile of Artist:

Chattisgarh is a state which has rich cultural heritage of art, architecture, craft, drama folk dance and music. Rajesh Banjare is a traditional folk singer who has tried to retain his Chattisgarhi music in this modern time. He has group of 30 dancers, musician and folk singers. They entertain the audience at the time of marriage ceremonies and different festivals, by their tribal song and dance in their villages. The Chattisgarhi folk songs are largely sung by men and women and are accompanied by Dholak.

Rajesh Banjare is putting all his effort to promote his traditional song and music in the rural areas of Chhatisgarh. His Group needs support so that they could move outside Chattisgarh and perform their rhythmic folk music.

Contact Detail:
Group Name: Abe Chiraiya Chattisgarhi Cultural Lok kala Samiti
Address: Gram Reeko, Tehsil Aarang, Zila- Raipur, Chattisgarh
Phone No: 9009060808
Whats app No: 9399730068