FAMOUS WOOD SCULPTOR- WORLD RECORD HOLDER (Universal achievers book of world record)

Profile of Artist:

Rajasthan is one of the oldest stronghold craft region popular for creating wooden handicrafts. Trilok Chand Mandan has expertise in wood carving. He is a very unique and special wood sculptor who can do carving on any wooden log he is not choosy about the kind of wood.

Trilok Māṇḍaṇa was born in a small village in Nohar (Rjasthan).He did his schooling in his native place .After his primary education he was not happy and wanted to do something different.

He realized his fascination for wood carving handicrafts. Fortunately he met Master wood Sculptor Sahabram Bhadrecha in a place called Fatehbad in Haryana.Trilok learned the wood carving skill under the guidance of Sahabram Badrecha who was his GURU his mentor.

Later he came back to his village and started doing wood carving on his own. He wanted to improve his carving so he learned the nuances of painting from a famous painter S. Kumar Nagal and spent 15 years with him; this dedication made him a master wood sculptor.

Trilok Chand have created a world record by crafting a wooden ring of 4mm in just 3 hours and 15 minutes. In recognition of his work he has been awarded many times both nationally and internationally.

Trilok Chand as a wood sculptor has dreamt of a unique museum in Hanumangarh for all the aspiring artisans and art lovers and continues his journey to fulfill his dream.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village Dhadhela, Tehsil Nohar, District – Hanumangarh. Rajasthan
Phone No: 9950751329
Whats app No: 9950751329
Email- Id: triloksuthar1168@gmail.com