Bhawai Dancer Suresh Vyas

Profile of Artist:

Suresh vyas is an expert and talented Bhawai dancer since 35 years.Born and brought in Ajmer (Rajasthan)was always interested in watching such unique and colourful performance but was never given permission by family to persue this dance.Bhawai dance is one of the most exciting dance performances as it involves tricky balancing acts, right from balancing seven to nine brass pots on the head to balancing oneself (along with the pots) on narrow and unstable objects like a glass bottle, brass plate or the edge of a sword.. Suresh Vyas is an acclaimed artist who has performed nationally and internationally at various cultural events.

Contact Detail:
Name: Suresh Vyas
Address: 128F/F Right portion Bapu Park,
Kotla Mubarakpur (Near South Extension),
New Delhi- 110003
Phone No: 981 081 9156
Whats app No: 981 081 9156
Email ID: